Greeter Visits FAQ

Explore Chicago with a friendly, knowledgeable local as your guide!  This FREE service matches visitors with enthusiastic, city-wise volunteers for 2-4 hour guided visits of Chicago. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about what a Greeter Visit entails.


Do I need to wear a mask on a Greeter visit?

If you are fully vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask but we ask you have one available in case you are using public transportation or going into a building that requires masks.  If you are unvaccinated please wear a mask at all times. 

How much does a Chicago Greeter visit cost?

Chicago Greeter visits are completely free, we cover the cost of public transportation during your visit, so you don't have to pay even a penny.

May I tip my Greeter?

Chicago Greeter adheres to a strict no-tipping policy.  All our Greeters are volunteers and happy to provide this service to you at absolutely no charge.

When and how may I expect to receive information about my Greeter visit?

If we are able to match you to a Greeter before you leave home, we will confirm your Greeter visit by email.

If we match you with a Greeter after you arrive in Chicago, we will email confirmation of your Greeter visit to the email address provided.

Will my Greeter contact me before my scheduled visit?

Your Greeter may contact you to reconfirm your scheduled visit, and also to learn more about your interests in order to plan the perfect customized visit for you.  In order to make your visit the most worthwhile for you and your Greeter, please take the time to respond if your Greeter does contact you.  If you don't hear from your Greeter, however, rest assured that they will meet you at the designated time of your scheduled visit!

I submitted my registration form for a Greeter visit; am I guaranteed a Greeter?

While Chicago Greeter makes every effort to find you a Greeter, we cannot guarantee that a Greeter can be scheduled for you.  Also, during our peak season, your first choice of date/time/interest might not be available.

Can I schedule a Greeter visit for the day I arrive in Chicago?

A Greeter visit may be scheduled no earlier than the day after your arrival in Chicago to avoid any unforeseen travel delays or disruptions.  If this does not work for your schedule, we suggest taking an on-the-spot InstaGreeter visit, which is led by the same Greeter volunteers as our full-fledged visits, but does not require registration.

What if I am unable to pre-register for a Greeter visit 10 business days ahead of my arrival in Chicago?

Our on-the-spot InstaGreeter service  are an ideal choice for last-minute travelers or registrants that still want to experience Chicago Greeter but have left us insufficient time to arrange a full-fledged Greeter visit. 

Our group has more than 6 people; will you make an exception for us?

Because our visits are personalized to a visitor's interests, we can only accommodate groups of 6 or fewer.  For this reason, we also generally do not combine two different visitor parties with one Greeter.

We suggest larger groups book an excursion with  the Chicago Architecture Foundation (312.922.3422) Chicago History Museum or visit for other tour options.

What if I have to cancel my Greeter visit?

Call us at 312-945-4231 or email at at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit time if you must cancel.  Please keep in mind that all Greeters are volunteers, some of whom travel a great distance to meet you and your group at the Chicago Cultural Center, so please be respectful of them by showing up on time or canceling at least 24 hours in advance if you know you cannot make it.  

May I register for more than one Chicago Greeter request during my stay in Chicago?

We ask that you register for only one Greeter visit per stay in Chicago.  We'd love to arrange another visit for you when you return on your next trip to the city.

May we drive our own vehicle on a Greeter visit?

Chicago Greeter visits are conducted on foot or by public transportation.  For liability reasons, private transportation (yours and theirs) is strictly prohibited.

What other cities offer Greeter programs?

Chicago Greeter is part of the Global Greeter network which has Greeter services around the world. Visit for information on what cities offer a Greeter service. 

How can I start a Greeter program in my city?

Please contact Katie Law, Manager of Greeter Services, for more information.  She may be reached by phone 312-945-4231 or email at